Kleine Draken the farm is boastful with Autumn colours
Kleine Draken is the only estate vineyard and winery in South Africa dedicated exclusively to Kosher and Mevushal wines. Situated at the foot of Paarl mountain where vineyard meets rock.
08 June 2015
Kleine Draken Wines "Win a dinner party for Eight" competition results
From the 1st of August 2012 to 30 April 2013, we ran an SMS Neck Tag Competition, for which we are pleased to announce the winner. The winner, Ms. Ina Basson from Table View, won a dinner for herself and seven friends, in a restaurant, prepared by a chef. This will be a four course meal, each pa
10 June 2013
Kleine Draken tasting room and surrounds
With a proud history dating back to the seventeenth century, this farm has been diligently restored to recapture it's 300 year old history. Nestled on the South Eastern slopes of Paarl mountain, the vineyard enjoys a superior terroir, which contributes towards captivating the delicacy and complexity
18 March 2011
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P.O. Box 2674 , Paarl, 7620, South Africa