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Story of the farm
The ownership of the farm was traced in the Deeds Office, Cape Town, from the original grant in 1693 right up to the present day. With the list of owners, more information on the probable building date and ground plan of the house was indirectly gleaned from the wills, death notices, various estate papers like inventories, distribution accounts and auctions, as well as some insolvent estates. Maps and diagrams were consulted at the Surveyor General’s Office, but the bulk of the work was done at the Cape Archives Depot. read more »
What makes a wine kosher?
This is a frequently asked question and here is the answer. read more »
First South African kosher sparkling wine released!
Zandwijk Wines (Pty) Ltd, producer of the Kleine Draken range of kosher wines and grape juice, has just released three new wines, one being the first South African kosher sparkling wine to be released on the market. read more »
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