Kleine Draken Kiddush NV

Technical Analysis

Winemaker - Jean van Rooyen
Main Variety - Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol - 9.5 %vol
pH - 3.5
RS - 165 g/l
Total Acid - 6.0 g/l
Appellation - Paarl


Type - Red
Style - Sweet
Taste - Fruity

Tasting Notes

Well rounded sweet palate with good acid balance. Clean and mature berry fruit. Deep ruby red.

Blend Information

70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot

Food Suggestions

All sacramental and festive occasions.

In The Vineyard

Cultivar: 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot. 
Region: Paarl
Irrigation: Drip
Trellis System: Extended Perold
Soil: Deep Loam
Climate: Hot dry summers & heavy winter rains

About The Harvest

Type: Hand Picked
Date: Various
Yield: 9 tons / ha

In The Cellar

After destalking and crushing the mash was flash pasteurized to 82˚C and then immediately cooled to 24˚C. The mash was then inoculated with a selected yeast strain and fermented to 2˚ Balling. After pressing the wine was sweetend with cane sugar. Before the bottling process the wine went through a light filtration.

Other Vintages

Wine Wine Maker Main Variety
Kleine Draken Kiddush NV Niel Schnoor Cinsaut
Kleine Draken Kiddush NV Jean van Rooyen Pinotage
Kleine Draken Kiddush NV Jean van Rooyen Cabernet Sauvignon
Kleine Draken Kiddush NV Jean van Rooyen Cabernet Sauvignon
Kleine Draken Kiddush 2001 Niel Schnoor


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